• The International Film Festival Ekotopfilm 2016 is about new technologies, science, research, environment and ecology. IFF Ekotopfilm will be held in Prague – the Capital City of the Czech Republic.
  • The aim of the festival is to introduce, confront and encourage the production of films and TV programs with the intention of nature and environment protection in a worldwide scale, to broaden the horizons of people and to increase their activity in resolving those issues, and also to assist with the education and care for the nature and environment at the same time.
  • The program structure and its content focus on all fields of economic, industrial and human activities stressing the need for sustainable development to be a continuous process. The Festival program is first and foremost educational in nature.
  • The main organizer of the Festival is Ekotopfilm ltd. with the civic association Trvale udržitelného rozvoje [For Sustainable Development], non-profit org. and other partners.
  • The festival program consists of screenings of the accepted entries in the International Contest; selected non-contesting screenings, the accompanying professional program (conferences, seminars, workshops); the public program (discussions on current issues) and ceremonies.
  • The Festival does not focus only on professionals but also general public with emphasis on younger generations. Junior Festival for children and youth is part of the festival, and cooperates with elementary and secondary schools. Environmental education is its key objective.
  • ADMISSION FREE to all events of the festival program.


  • The entries may be submitted by directors, producers and distributors.
    Only entries produced after January 1, 2014 shall be accepted for the international competition. Entries chosen for the competition to festival in previous years or entries to festivale Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm previous to 2016 in Slovakia are not allowed to be submitted to IFF Ekotopfilm 2016. Participation at other festivals is not a limitation. The number of submitted entries is not limited.
  • There is no entry fee for entries and participation.
  • Entering and screening of films is free of charge and IFF Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm 2016 shall not pay any screening fees to any party.
  • The applicant shall fill in the entry form online (www.ekotopfilm.cz). Provided the film (entry) is submitted without a properly filled out entry form until September 5, 2016 at the latest, it shall not be accepted into international contest.
  • Submitted entries (copies) shall not be returned to the applicant or sender.
  • All entries (copies) submitted to the international contest shall remain within the festival archive. The festival reserves the right of a free use of the films for screenings within the festival, and within its accompanying sessions, held solely by IFF Ekotopfilm.
  • Selected film entries shall be screened free of charge at festival non commercial activities principally serving as education tools.
  • This usage of screenings applies on live screenings within Czech Republic.
  • Selected entries shall be incorporated into the film database Ekotopfilm Market, available for film professionals during IFF Ekotopfilm – proposing special oportunity for networking.
  • The organizer reserves the right to subtitle or dub selected film entries without obligation to pay any associated fees to submitter, author.
  • The person submitting the entry for IFF Ekotopfilm hereby declares that he or she is a holder of all applicable distribution rights to submitted films and that this submission does not violate property rights of other parties or personal or proprietary copyright of the author or authors of a given film. The Organizer shall not be held liable for possible violations of right resulting from unauthorized submission of a film to the contest.


  • Deadline for films: September 5. 2016
  • Announcement will be delivered before September 30. 2016.


If the screener of your entire film is available online, please provide the link and the password to access your film in the field “Online Screener Link” in the entry form.

The online version of your screener has to be accessible without any limitation until September 5, 2016. In the case of changing the link or password please inform us at marek.voros@ekotopfilm.cz.

It’s also possible to upload screener of your film to our FTP server – ftp://ftp.ekotopfilm.cz/ – for a succesfull registration is necessary to apply for password to access via the entry form or e-mail: marek.voros@ekotopfilm.cz, for email subject please use „FTP password“.

Via post
DVD / BluRay medium finalized for Europe region send to:

Mgr. Marek Vöröš
Ektopfilm s.r.o.
Pod Stárkou 1560/35
Prague 140 00
Czech Republic

Submitted screeners shall not be returned to the applicant or sender.

Films in Czech, Slovak or English language are not required to be subtitled. For films with dialogues in different language then statemented above, it is neccessary to add English subtitles, ideally with timing.


Selected entries for festival can be deliver via these optiones:

Online – via FTP server – ftp://ftp.ekotopfilm.cz/ – for this option it is also neccessary apply for access and password via entry form or e-mail: marek.voros@ekotopfilm.cz, for subject please use „FTP Password“.

Digital versions of selected entries have to fulfil these requirements:
HD – codec H264 – mp4, mkv

Framerate– 24 fps, 25 fps

Via post on BluRay medium, finalized for Europa region, or in data form on DVD medium.

Film entries selected for festival’s screenings, including one’s with dialogues in Czech, Slovac and English language, have to be english subtittled. The Dialogue list is required, english subtitles are preferred.

The Submitter agrees to send promotion photos from the film (or fotosky) in electronic form or uploaded to FTP server or send promo materials via post service to address previously mentioned in this document.

The aforementioned materials shall remain the property of the festival’s archive and shall be used for the film promotion, festival’s catalog, website, and any other festival activities and press releases.


The Selection Commission selects entries for the international contest.

The Selection Commission is authorized to reject any entry that does not meet the required technical standards, quality and compliance with the statute and the festival idea.

The International Jury shall evaluate entries selected for the international contest. The festival director general nominates its chairman and members.
Each entered film must have theme about sustainable development, and shall be evaluated in the following categories:

  1. Science and Technology  – at least 30 minutes – Films that explain the role of science and technology in maintaining a sustainable environment. These films should inform viewers about new trends, technologies, and materials that are being developed to address the challenges of sustainable development.
  2. Nature and Natural Science – at least 30 minutes – Films intended to inform and entertain by creatively exploring ecological systems and their inhabitants (people, flora, fauna). The goal of these films is to show viewers how earth’s inhabitants interact within their environment and how each one attempts to maintain their position and continue to thrive.
  3. Technology Success Stories – at least 30 minutes –  Films about individuals (or groups) who have used science or technology to successfully address a  specific ecological problem. These films should describe the technological activities that are improving local sustainability issues, and that may have global applications.
  4. Human Activity Success Stories – at least 30 minutes – Films about how individuals (or groups) have addressed sustainability issues through changes in the attitudes and behaviors of the people involved. Entries should explore any new activities or processes that are successfully resolving ecology and quality of life issues.
  5. Current Affairs – at least 10 minutes –  Films about contemporary ecological sustainability issues and crises, and their impact on global or local environment or culture. These issues can be the result of natural events such as climate change, drought, storms, floods, or earthquakes; or the result of human activity, such as population growth, habitat destruction, misuse of natural resources, or waste mismanagement…)
  6. Children and Youth – max. 45 minutes –  Films focused on environmental education (f.e. recycling, endangered species, endangered environments etc.).
  7. Short films – max. 30 Minutes –  This open category is for short eco-themed films (f.e. medailons about specific locationes or events associated to nature and sustainability.)


The International Jury is entitled to select 7 main awards in each category stated above.

Grand Prix is Award selected by votes of audience.


For personal participation at the festival and protocol program contact head of programming section via phone or e-mail.

Participants will get all festival information at their arrival.

Accommodation costs of participants selected to international contest shall be borne by festival.

If it’s not stated otherwise, the submitter will pay traveling expenses on his behalf.