Ekotopfilm 2016 will be held also in the Czech Republic

7. June 2016|0 Comments

International enviromental film festival Ekotopfilm will be introduced in fall 2016. Ekotopfilm’s first year in Czech Republic will be held

Jane Fonda interviews Jane Goodall

7. June 2016|0 Comments

For more than half a century, Dr. Jane Goodall has been living and working in a world beyond borders. Whether

Jane Goodall visited EKOTOPFILM – ENVIROFILM 2016

1. April 2016|0 Comments

It is a great honor for the festival organizers to welcome such a an outstanding personality in Bratislava.

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I do percieve the Ekotopfilm festival as an event that with its focus shapes Bratislava into a modern city, which strives to change the life of its citizens for the better.
Ivo Nesrovnal, Bratislava city


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